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Hand Me Downs DVD (Pkg of 10): Leaving a Legacy
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Hand Me Downs DVD (Pkg of 10): Leaving a Legacy
By: Cowart, Jim

Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1501825194
ISBN-13: 9781501825194
SKU: 9781501825194

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Item Description

In Hand Me Downs, Jim and Jennifer Cowart offer small groups another insightful and impactful community group resource. This six-session study is based on the metaphor "heritage" and expands on the Living the Five principle that "Growing People Change" their hearts and lives. This growth is accomplished by (1) acquiring new habits, (2) breaking the addictive grip of harmful habits, and (3) integrating a believer's inner spiritual and mental life with outward behaviors and speech.
The six sessions offered in the study are:
Session One: Leaving a Legacy
Session Two: Modeling Holy Habits
Session Three: Breaking Bad Cycles
Session Four: Living with Integrity
Session Five: Playing Well With Others
Session Six: Doing God's Will
Hand Me Downs DVD and Participant/Leader Book are packed with Scripture-based lessons and easy-to-follow instruction, equipping anyone who is willing to lead or host a community group.

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Release Date: January 17, 2017
Language: English
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