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Be Spent: Winning the Fight to Freedom's Survival
Be Spent: Winning the Fight to Freedom's Survival
By: Mario Diaz, Esq.
Format: Paperback

Publisher: Barbwire Books
ISBN: 1927684242
SKU: 2155_1927684242

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America stands at the edge of suicide. There is a struggle within our soul that is more dangerous than any external threat we face. We are walking down a path that puts us in direct conflict with the very God we relied on to establish this great nation. Is there a more frightening thought? This book is an invitation to discover your role within God's plan for America; to be part of a movement of renewal; to Be Spent in service to God and your neighbor. Only that type of serious, somber, deliberate, sacrificial commitment to God has the power to rekindle the love of truth necessary for freedom's survival in our land. "God has a plan for your life and for America. Be Spent is a tool that can help you to better understand God's plan. This book is both educational and inspirational, Mario Diaz writes in a style you will enjoy. I highly recommend it," -- Dr. Tim LaHaye, best-selling author, minister, and Christian educator.
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Release Date: Sep 18 2015 12:00AMPages: 260
Binding: PaperbackPrint Size: 
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