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Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage

Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage

Tyndale House Publishers 2004 Paperback

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Product Description

All marriage relationships face hurts and conflicts on several levels, but not many of us know how to deal with them effectively--so we don't. "Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage walks couples through a very manageable step-by-step process of understanding different styles of conflict resolution and then encourages them toward forgiveness and healing. The Rosbergs call this "closing the loop." Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage is a revision of Dr. Rosberg's "Relationship Mender and part of the Divorce-Proof America's Families campaign. It will flesh out the "forgiving love" component outlined in "Divorce-Proof Your Marriage.

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  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
  • Producer: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc
  • ISBN: 1589971043
  • ISBN-13: 9781589971042
  • UPC: 9781589971042
  • SKU: 1589971043
  • Release Date: May 1, 2004
  • Pages: 144
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
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About the Author

Gary and Barbara Rosberg

Gary and Barbara Rosberg

Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg are America’s Family Coaches—equipping and encouraging America’s families to live and finish life well. Having been married for 25 years and the parents of two adult daughters, Gary and Barbara have a unique blend of insight and wisdom that touches people of all ages. With over 25,000 hours of counseling to families, Gary knows the plights that men, women, couples, and children face. Having captivated audiences for over a decade, Barbara understands the heartbeat of women and couples. Together, they coach and encourage families all across America.

On a national level, Gary and Barbara have conducted conferences on family and relationship issues from a biblical perspective in over 100 U.S. cities. They are on the national speaking teams for FamilyLife’s Marriage Conferences and FamilyLife’s I Still Do arena events for couples. Gary also has the honor of speaking to thousands of men at Promise Keepers events and to parents and adolescents at Focus on the Family’s Life on the Edge tour.

In Des Moines, Iowa, Gary coaches a group of over 600 men on a weekly basis. CrossTrainers meets to “encourage and equip a man in his relationship with God, his wife, children, friends, church, and community.” Barbara coaches and encourages women through A Woman’s Legacy, a series committed to “encouraging, comforting, and urging women to live lives worthy of God.” On a periodic basis, Gary and Barbara coach couples on conflict resolution and how to strengthen their marriage and family through Date with a Purpose.

Gary and Barbara are also hosts of America’s Family Coaches . . . LIVE, a nationally syndicated daily radio program. On this call-in program, they coach callers on many family-related issues. Along with their live program, the Rosbergs also have one-minute short features that play in cities across the nation. Gary and Barbara also host a Saturday radio program on the award winning WHO Radio.

Gary’s first book, Do-It-Yourself Relationship Mender, deals with closing the loop of conflict in interpersonal relationships and has sold over 150,000 copies. Gary’s second national best-seller, Guard Your Heart, was written to help men stand strong in the midst of temptations. Barbara co-authored a section in that book specifically for women, entitled “Helping Your Husband Guard His Heart.” As a couple, Gary and Barbara authored a study for FamilyLife’s HomeBuilders Couples Series entitled Improving Communication in Your Marriage, a small-group study that encourages accountability and teaches couples to maintain strong, healthy families.

Gary and Barbara live in West Des Moines, Iowa, and are parents of Missy, a college student studying communications, and Sarah, who lives in West Des Moines with her husband, Scott.