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The Collingsworth Family
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The Collingsworth Family
By: Brooklyn, And Courtney

Publisher: Provident Distribution
ISBN-13: 0643157440314
UPC: 643157440314
SKU: 0643157440314

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Item Description

"Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise Him with the stringed instruments and organs." -Psalm 150:4 (KJV)

When you attend a Collingsworth Family concert, it's more than singing. Of course they are known for their beautiful lush harmonies, but they are also known for their superior instrumental work. Both Phil and Kim Collingsworth have recorded award-winning instrumental tracks, but now it is time for the next generation to shine as StowTown Records and The Collingsworth Family present Brooklyn and Courtney. Both sisters are well versed as violinists, and fans have been asking for a full-length feature for years. Classics, hymns, Classical numbers and popular songs can all be found in this grand effort. From the epic arrangement of You Raise Me Up, to the simple and heartfelt What A Friend We Have In Jesus, to the toe-tapping Keep On The Firing Line, there is variety and virtuosity in each performance.
Song Titles
1. At the Cross 2. Bach Concerto in D Minor- Great is the Lord
3. The Prayer 4. Lover's Waltz
5. Keep on the Firing Line 6. What A Friend We Have in Jesus
7. Let There Be Peace On Earth 8. Beethoven's 9th Symphony- Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
9. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus 10. You Raise Me Up
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Release Date: January 20, 2017
Language: English
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