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Lift Him Up
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Lift Him Up
By: The, Guardians

Publisher: Provident Distribution
ISBN-13: 0643157440147
UPC: 643157440147
SKU: 0643157440147

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Lift Him Up, from Southern Gospel's The Guardians, is a collection of classic favorites and new compositions with full symphonic accompaniment. Fans of Greater Vision and The Perrys will certainly enjoy the many talents of this group.
Song Titles
1. Alleluia 2. Packin' Up
3. Another Life to Give 4. His Truth Is Marching On
5. What A Day That Will Be 6. Leaning
7. Keeper of the Lost and Found 8. There Is A Love
9. Hold On to the Power Of the Cross 10. Woke Up This Morning
11. There From 12. Present In the Presence Of the King
13. Please Don't Wait Forever
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Release Date: January 27, 2017
Language: English
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