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The Book of Mali

The Book of Mali

Provident Music Group 2020 Album

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Product Description

Every generation, an artist of astounding talent comes around, bringing an exhilarating and exceptional sound that shakes up the industry. Mali Music is that artist. His dynamic musical genius and undeniable creativity proves he is blessed with a gift that is hard to duplicate. Mali Music is more than a contemporary gospel artist with an R&B foundation, he is an anointed force of nature, and his expressive, soulful, and beautifully rich body of work is a testament to that.

With his latest album, The Book of Mali, the GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter/ musician/producer is poised for even more success. The thought-provoking lead track, "Let Go," written by Mali and produced by David "D1" Grant, Jr., tackles the everyday temptations people face and how the power of God can help overcome them. "I am led by the spirit of God and as the seasons change, I will be able to speak to the times at a pace that everyone can receive," says Mali of his highly-anticipated new music. "It's experimental, it's going to be a cool story, and all of the songs will have so much depth. They will be songs you can't just breeze past."

Track Listing:
  1. Book of Mali Intro
  2. Blessed
  3. Let Go
  4. Cry
  5. Mo' Lo (Like You)
  6. My Blessings
  7. Apologize feat Deanna Dixon
  8. Yin and Yang
  9. World Record
  10. Soul Seekin'
  11. All Night
  12. Lord's Will
  13. Lord Forgive Me

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Provident Music Group
  • ISBN-13: 0194397304923
  • UPC: 194397304923
  • SKU: 0194397304923
  • Release Date: August 14, 2020
  • Format: Album
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Compact Disc
  • Label: Provident Music Group