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All Is Not Lost
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All Is Not Lost
By: The Brilliance

Publisher: Integrity Music
ISBN-13: 0000768679227
UPC: 000768679227
SKU: 0000768679227

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Returning for their second album as The Brilliance, songwriting duo David Gungor and John Arndt take to the stage for an exceptional live performance of eleven new originals, including "Gravity Of Love," "Hear Our Prayer," "Lift Your Voice," and others.
Song Titles
1. Oh Earth 2. Gravity of Love
3. Night Has Passed/ Morning Has Broken 4. See the Love
5. Turning Over Tables 6. Hear Our Prayer
7. Will We Ever Rise? 8. Who Is Jesus?
9. Holy Holy 10. Lift Your Voice
11. All Is Not Lost
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Release Date: January 27, 2017
Language: English
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