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Begin A New Life Free From Fear And Anxiety

Begin A New Life Free From Fear And Anxiety
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Identify the root of your fear and anxiety and receive both spiritual and practical direction for change. Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley understands that Christians are not immune to stress or to the fear and anxiety many experience as a result. As a practicing ob-gyn with more than twenty years experience, and as an ordained Christian minister, she understands how to properly address stress from a spiritual perspective.
Dr. Carol helps you experience improved psychological well-being through:
Understanding specific spiritual and psychological truths
Employing successful spiritual warfare practices
You will be empowered to decrease psychological distress and begin a new life free from the weight of fear and anxiety."

Regular Price $15.99
Our Price $14.07

Achieve optimal health and improve your quality of life by uncovering holistic health secrets from the Bible. Whether you have questions about vitamins or are battling heart disease, diabetes, vision problems, or menopause, Dr. Reginald Cherry removes the guesswork and answers frequently asked questions that point you towards better health.

In Hidden Bible Health Secrets, Dr. Cherry reveals how to use God's ultimate health secrets wisely and effectively, and experience strength, vigor, and power for life.

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Reclaim control over weight loss, inflammation, and your spiritual and emotional health. By incorporating the time-tested advice from five of his best-selling Bible Cure books into one volume, Dr. Don Colbert provides you with a more comprehensive look at the possible culprits behind your weight gain.

The Big Book of Bible Cures, Volume 1: Weight Loss combines the powerful tools and findings previously published in "The Bible Cure for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain," "The Bible Cure for Thyroid Disorder," "The New Bible Cure for Diabetes," "The Bible Cure for Candida and Yeast Infections," and "The Bible Cure Recipes for Overcoming Candida."

Regular Price $15.99
Our Price $14.07

Are you sick and tired of being overweight?

Are you fighting a losing battle with your waistline and eating yourself into the grave?

Have you had it with feeling drained, discouraged, and run down because of obesity but find yourself enslaved to unhealthy eating habits?

Are you convinced that God has a better way, but you simply can't break through?

In their first-ever jointly authored book, Michael and Nancy Brown share the inspiring, practical, and humorous story of their own journey from obesity to vibrant health. If you want to break free from the stronghold of food and discover a wonderful new way of life, this book will show you the way.

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