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In Marriage Matters, Janice Shaw Crouse argues that marriage is a critical element in a free society and that society’s most vulnerable communities, especially minorities and the poor, suffer the most from the ... more

by Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse
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The desire for our children to be free from want and danger and to be able to enjoy their youth in innocence would seem to be universal. Conventional wisdom says that parents in every socio-economic level of so ... more

by Janice Shaw Crouse
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LaHaye's classic book The Spirit–Controlled Woman sold more than 810,000 copies! Updated and expanded, The New Spirit–Controlled Woman is sure to reach a new generation of readers with its timeless message of p ... more

by LaHaye, Beverly
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Tired of inauthentic prattle, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America Penny Young Nance is ready to change the way women today engage the culture. In her debut title, Feisty & Feminine, she take ... more

by Penny Young Nance
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America stands at the edge of suicide. There is a struggle within our soul that is more dangerous than any external threat we face. We are walking down a path that puts us in direct conflict with the very God w ... more

by Mario Diaz, Esq.
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Everyone concedes that there is a sharp political divide in the nation and that one of the major fault lines is over women's issues. What we endeavor to do in "A War No More" is to examine two pervasive narrati ... more

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Jesus. Love Him or hate Him, He's everywhere. On our T-shirts, bumper stickers, and even the covers of leading news magazines, year after year. We see Him on the silver screen, in the headline crawl on the TV n ... more

by LaHaye, Tim
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Precious Wisdom for the Family is a collection of Scripture passages covering such topics as marriage, children, sex, trials, homemaking, and a host of other valuable passages from God's Word.

by Concerned Women for America
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What is it like, After the Choice? When the abortion is over, what happens? Listen to women who know. There are no actors. No rehearsed lines. Their stories are true, and painfully real. They speak from their o ... more

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Antichrist has assembled the armies of the world in the Valley of Megiddo for what he believes will be his ultimate triumph of the ages. With a victory here he would ascend to the throne of God.

The Trib ... more

by LaHaye, Tim
$24.99 Regular Price
$21.99 Our Price
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Viewing a total of 10 items in New Releases

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